New Year, Mostly the Same Me

I know pretty much everyone welcomed the end of 2016. It was a year that seemed cosmically and comically fucking terrible on almost all accounts. I had some serious ups and downs, none of which I’ll go into here. Buy me a beer and ask in person if you’re really dying to know. Let’s just say that I, like so many others, was happy to see the end of 2016.

Nap buddies
Nap buddies

The week was not nearly as productive as I was hoping it would be, but I also think that giving my brain a break was much-needed. I started back from the very beginning of Angular, just to cover the bases I missed the first time around. Like I’v said before, sometimes the pace of the class means you have to miss things you would have liked to try before jumping into the exams. I got to spend time with my dogs, see a few friends, and get my hair done, which was absolutely necessary.

All dressed up!
All dressed up!

Our New Year’s Eve consisted of getting all gussied up and heading down to Revival for their anniversary party. It was a blast to see the crew, and fun to get cute and hang out. They had a full lineup of barrel-aged beers, which were amazing. They were doling them out in 5 oz portions, which was more than enough. I think the lowest ABV any of them had was somewhere around 7%, and since I’ve bee living at sea level, my tolerance isn’t at its normal winter peak. The in-laws met us there after they went to dinner, which worked out well. We learned that it would probably take us two hours to get a cab, due to high demand and low supply in the mountain town. We left around 10:45 and were drunk, happily passed out in bed with the dogs before midnight.

New Year’s Day, we woke up to discover that someone had thrown eggs at our house at some point after we got home. They also threw them at the neighbor, hitting his cars. Luckily they missed the ones that were in our driveway. I took Hubs to get his truck, which we left parked at the bar, and came back just in time to discover that our Pitbull ate the pair of shoes I had worn the night before…. A $300 pair of heels I scored at a secondhand store for $18, so pretty much irreplaceable. Alas, the first 12 hours of 2017 were a bust.

Had this since childhood... Who knew it would come true?
Had this since childhood… Who knew it would come true?

We redeemed the day by heading down to the Sit n Bull, where they have an annual Pajama Party on New Year’s Day. We went last year, sans PJs, but went all in this year. The weather was absolutely perfect, so we rode the mopeds down and hung out in the sun on the patio. All in all, it was a great way to redeem the morning.

I’m hoping next week gets off to a better start in terms of getting something productive accomplished!

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