Room With a View

When we got into the new dojo space on Monday, I pretty much begged to be able to sit in the corner, at one of the only desks that was situated immediately next to the window. I love cityscapes, and I know my chances to get ones like this are pretty limited for now. I managed to get the best seat in the house since we’re mostly just studying, asking questions, and figuring out where we need to go after the exam.

Behold: the best green chili I could make while living in Chicago!
Behold: the best green chili I could make while living in Chicago!

The whole week was relatively mellow, especially since most people were going to be out on Friday to head home for the holidays. We had a killer potluck on Thursday for lunch. Me being the Colorado girl I am, I had to show these fools what was up with REAL green chili. Plenty of people have told me that they have green chili in Chicago, but what they really mean by that is that they have green salsa. It’s not the same. There was also red chili, a great cheese dip, handmade pasta with chicken parmesan, an insanely delicious couple of Eastern dishes made by a girl from Saudi, tamales, and too many other things to remember off the top of my head. It was great to hang out as a dojo, chat with the members of the newest cohort, and celebrate yet another graduating class making it through the program. All in all, it was a really nice way to wrap up the week. We did graduation later that afternoon and went down to Headquarters for a few drinks.

Rugby in her birthday hoodie
Rugby in her birthday hoodie

I left for Colorado on Friday night, the same late flight I grabbed at Thanksgiving. Hubs picked me up with both of the dogs, which was a really awesome and wonderful surprise, especially because it was Rugby’s 14th birthday! Christmas Eve, after a good breakfast and a trip to the dog park, we got fancy and went to Del Frisco Steakhouse for dinner with the in-laws. If you’ve never been and you’re in Denver, it’s worth the trip. Christmas Day Hubs made me French Toast (his first time!) and we opened gifts with the dogs. We left the house early enough to make our yearly stop off at the Satire Lounge in Denver before heading to his sister’s house. It’s a total dive bar on Colfax, and we first went there on Christmas day five years ago. Last year we didn’t leave the mountains, so we did Sit n Bull instead. Regardless, we MUST eat something terrible in a dive bar on Christmas. It’s our only tradition.

Christmas Dogs!
Christmas Dogs!

The entire holiday was mellow and perfect. I don’t like to make a big to-do about anything like this, so spending the majority of it with a select few people was key.

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