It’s all About the Angular You Take

The final piece of the MEAN puzzle is Angular, which is what we’ve been learning this week. Angular is a front-end framework for JavaScript and does a whole bunch of cool stuff. I think my favorite things about this stack is that it’s made to build off of a single page. You probably never really notice when you’re on a page that is built with something like this, but they’re everywhere. Basically, when you click on a certain button or a “link”, it loads a partial page to the main one. So you may see the same toolbar at the top, but everything below it changes when you click “About” or “Contact Us”. Angular makes all of these pieces fall together to do that, and I love how it can simultaneously be so simple and so complex.

I’d say this is probably the other foot dropping. I can see how Angular is supposed to work, but then we got into modularizing the files, and I got lost. When you modularize, you put each component of the application in its own folder and file. So, the factories you use to build out databases go in one. The server-side controllers that tell the factories what to do with the information go in another. The client-side controllers that do the same thing go in another. On and on and on and on. When it’s completely expanded, the file paths look crazy. Now, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how many paths there are for a single project, but it’s been a difficult concept to wrap my head around. All that “free time” I had last week? Doubling down on it this week…

Beers at Dovetail
Beers at Dovetail

The bright light at the end of that tunnel was getting to see Hubs again! Aside from that first long stretch, we’ve been able schedule it out to see each other every two weeks. Twue Wuv! Well, twue wuv and ridiculously cheap plane tickets. I seriously can’t understand how Spirit Airlines can sell round trip tickets for under $80 and still make money. ANYWAY, I digress. Friday night we grabbed dinner with B at this place right by the train stop called “Glenn’s Diner”. I’ve walked by it every day, but have yet to stop in, and I’m so glad we did. It’s a great mix of actual diner food and a high-end fish and seafood menu. A “finer diner”, if you will. The food was incredible. Afterwards, we braved the cold to take Hubs to Dovetail Brewing, which he loved.


Saturday we got up and went to the Field Museum, which had a special exhibit on tattoos. We obviously had to check it out, and it was a nice way to spend a freezing cold afternoon. The exhibit did a great job of detailing the history of the art, covering the geographic influences and historical and cultural significances. They had arm, leg, and torso pieces (fake, of course) that had been tattooed by famous artists, one of whom Hubs has a tattoo by! The coolest part, I thought, was the working tattoo parlour they had as a part of the exhibit. There were local artists who had certain time slots throughout the duration of the exhibit and you could sign up to get tattooed! The list was full, or I would have totally been down…

Cheese curds and beer...SO good.
Cheese curds and beer…SO good.

Sunday, I had to send Chris off to explore on his own. I had too much studying to do to be able to hang out, which was a bummer, but sometimes you have to be responsible. While he went down to Lincoln Square to check out his new favorite outdoors store, Dan’s Outfitters, and waited in line at Half Acre for their annual limited edition release (Big Hug!), I went over the finer points of Angular and exactly how to connect everything. After he came back to the apartment, I shut the computer down and we made plans to grab some food.

I think the reason my husband loves Lincoln Square so much is because he’s German, and that’s a very German part of town. In fact, someone shouted from a car window asking him for directions in German! We checked out the Chicago Brauhaus for dinner, which absolutely did not disappoint. Schnitzel, sausages, Stiegl, Hofbrau, and Bitburger, killer cheese curds, and a band that perfectly fit the scene. I can’t wait to go back.

And on that note, time to start the countdown to my next exam!

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