Thanksgiving has Arrived!

Last week was shorter than normal, owing to the holiday. Unfortunately, I had to kick it off with taking the belt exam again….

Monday featured a thorough review of all the things we, as a class, missed the first time through. I think the majority of what is hard for everyone to understand is the syntax side of things. It’s not supposed to be what we get so stressed out about, but without another way to make things work, it’s hard not to get worked up about it.

On Tuesday, I started my second crack at the belt exam after lunch, and 2-1/2 hours in just had a meltdown. I scrapped the whole project and started over. Keep in mind, these tests only last 4-1/2 hours, so there was very little chance I could complete this. In the end, I gave up on it and went back to working on my log-in and registration page, which was what tripped me up the first time. Having gotten that down, I felt more confident that another crack at the test was possible on down the road.

Late fall walks through the city are great!
Late fall walks through the city are great!

Ultimately, I didn’t wind up taking the test for a third time before we left on Wednesday night. It got me feeling pretty down about myself, but students from previous cohorts told me they had similar experiences with Python, so I tried to let it go and focus on what I did learn. I think Python will probably be the hardest stack for the simple reason that we’re not used to working with full languages yet.

Wednesday night, B and I left school and headed down to the Christkindl market for some winter fun before heading back to our respective homes for the holiday. It was a nice way to blow off the week’s steam before getting on the train to the airport. My late night flight put me home in time to wake up on Thanksgiving with Hubs and the dogs, which I’d been looking forward to for WEEKS.

You just don't find yards like this in the city...
You just don’t find yards like this in the city…

Thanksgiving Day was mellow and perfect. After a trip to the dog park, my amazing in-laws came over with EVERYTHING prepared and ready to chow down (including paper plates) so I wouldn’t have to do any dishes. That’s how you make a busy woman happy! Hubs stocked the fridge with beers from some of my favorite breweries, so I imbibed with pleasure. On Friday, my sister and brother-in-aw stopped by on their way home from his parents’ place, which was nice. That afternoon, I did my very first Beer Mile… I was ill-prepared for drinking and running at elevation, and had to take the penalty lap for throwing up at the half-mile to three-quarter-mile transition. C’est la vie, right? Hoping I’m in better shape for next year!

My favorite coworkers
My favorite coworkers

Saturday was spent studying on the couch with the dogs and watching college football, something I miss every weekend I’m in Chicago. Since the weather was close to perfect all weekend, it was great to spend some time in the yard with the fam and get a little of that Colorado sunshine on my face. Sunday was a short one, owing to the airport traffic and my need to get back to the Windy City, but we had time for one more long walk through the mountains before I had to take off. All in all, it was a great trip, and a much-needed reprieve from school. We started MEAN stack this morning, so I’m looking forward to how that will go!

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