Week Three: Pythons are scary.

I thought Pythons were cool?

Okay, so Python is pretty cool, but it caused tearshed #2. When I was reading up on it over the weekend, the concepts seemed much easier to grasp than the JavaScript code. But then there’s syntax… The tears came on when I realized that I felt like I was trying to learn Portuguese while I was living in Japan. Not impossible, but sure as hell not anywhere close to easy. I did my best to get away from my computer before I really lost it, and went for a walk. After cooling down a bit, I came back and hid in the corner with my computer. B came over and asked if I was okay…. More tears. “You knew this was going to happen, right?” he asks.

wp-1478873278172.jpgYes, I did know. And I do know. And I also know that I need to work on walking away from something that is challenging me to the point of frustration BEFORE I get to that point. There are a lot of learning processes happening right now that have nothing to do with code, and this is one of them. Aside from my own personal life lessons, I am getting the hang of Python and realizing that everything we have done prior to this was the harder way to do it. Languages are designed to make things easier, but learning new syntax is a real pain. The instructors try to remind us that syntax isn’t as important as we think it is, but how else do we know how to properly express what we’re trying to say? It’s like having complex emotions and thoughts, with only a very limited vocabulary to express them. I guess that’s why we’re immersing ourselves in new languages.

We also started working with databases this week, and I LOVE them. Total nerd? Maybe. Unapologetically though. I studied Qualitative Research principles in college and, while databases are the exact opposite of “qualitative”, the idea of being able to build something to store huge amounts of data in is really cool to me. MySQL is my jam. Now, the syntax of linking them together is another story, but seems to be coming to me easier than I thought it would. There are logical steps to the whole process, and I find that intriguing. It’s like being able to store all the pieces of a story so that you can access them and write it on down the road.

Reflection of the city from "The Bean" at Millennium Park.
Reflection of the city from “The Bean” at Millennium Park.

The highlight of my week was getting to see Hubs! He flew out on Friday and stayed for the weekend. He’s been to Chicago before, but it was when he was in the Navy, and I don’t think he really left Navy Pier. This time around, we didn’t even go to Navy Pier. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been… Anyway, we found the best burger I’ve ever had in my life and found ourselves introduced to the Chicago “delicacy” that is Malort. Now, if you’ve never had this, I’d say you’ll keep living just fine, don’t bother. It’s TERRIBLE. The rest of the weekend was better than Malort, with breweries, adventures, and sneaker shopping. It was a fantastic way to spend a few days, and getting to spend time with my one and only really brightened my spirits.

And to that end, I’m super far behind now because I spent the weekend hanging out with him instead of studying. It’s crazy how quickly time can fly by when you spend most of it in front of the computer screen, so I’m hoping that’s what happens over the next couple of weeks before I head home for Thanksgiving!

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